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About BPN

Black Professionals Network (BPN), is a social learning organization with a mission to advance careers, power up businesses, and build up social capital for our members supporting them along their professional and legacy-building journey. Founded by Kenasha Paul, J.D, in 2014, the organization guides professionals from various professions, industries and interests towards a common goal. 

Why Join?

Becoming a BPN Member unlocks the first step with us in your Certified Legacy Builder's journey. Your membership connects you to like-minded individuals within your region and nationally.

BPN Membership provides:

  • Private mobile app 
  • Monthly member spotlights 
  • National membership meetings
  • Chapter events and experiences 
  • Legacy House mastermind community 
  • Discount pricing on courses and events
  • Free monthly networking mixers access
  • Nominee selection privileges for Black Excellence awards
  • Promotion opportunities in app, social media & newsletter
  • Member-only rate to annual Black Professionals Summit